Color Organized “Neatly”

They are not that many objects that I can move around my house, mostly because everything I own is black and also nobody wants me to touch their stuff so this was a very rushed job since I had to take stuff off the shelf put it on a pedestal and then quickly put it back after taking the picture before my mother or someone else in my family yells at me for taking their shit. So this is not organized at all and I realize that especially in the second picture.

Artist Research: Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo was a surrealist painter and known as one of Mexico’s greatest painters.

From the age of six, Frida suffered from polio and then at the age of eighteen was in a bus accident, her injuries staying with her for the rest of her life, but with that pain of her injuries she put into her art work, depicting paint in the most surreal ways.

She uses bight colors throughout her work and also an embrace of her Mexican culture with animals in many of her self portraits.

My favorite painting is a self-portrait of her self called The Broken Column. As of her accident at the age of eighteen she is forced to wear a corset to support her back and it causes her immense pain. The painting depicts her with a column as her spine and white straps around her body like a corset. I appreciate the color in this, the contrast of her skin to the white straps is what really stands out to me her, but her other paintings have even more example of colors. Her other Self-Portrait with a Thorn Necklace and Humming bird where she has green leaves as the background which are probity native to Mexico.

Color Research

Madder lake or red madder, is made by boiling the extra of a root of the madder plant, Rubia Tintorium. It was used as a textile dye in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, being the most permanent of the maroon or ruby red colors of natural dyes.

Color Wheel Scavenger Hunt

I think I was supposed to take separate pictures of every object, but I found that boring so I decided to create some sort of composition with each picture I took. Not all the pictures are great either because some of the objects were enormous and I couldn’t move them or find a good background for them And the lighting isn’t perfect and all of the pictures but I think he gets the point across.

RED: Knives, heart, composition book and shower curtain.
RED-ORANGE: Buddha statue, pillow and painting.
ORANGE: Oranges, tangerines, envelope, and the book Panita.
ORENGE-YELLOW: buddha statue, basket and giant teddy bear.
YELLOW: Stuffed giraffe, lemon, curtain and guess who cards.
YELLOW-GREEN: Three little froggy‘s, scarf, and plant.
GREEN: High school diploma, high school sweatshirt and necklace.
GREEN-BLUE: towel, pillow, and straw.
BLUE: string, paint, and tapestry from Haiti.
BLUE-VIOLET: Terra cards, cup, Nerf gun and bullets.
VIOLET: Dirty towel, Amethyst tree sculpture, giant amethyst crystal.
VIOLET-RED: Hairbrush, rose water bottle, pillow and scarf.

Field Guide

I’m supposed to make a field guide of all the objects in my house. I just wanted to make it clear that I can also go outside there’s lots of around me and no tourists.

Toilet paper, tissues, towels, fridge, table, couch, pillow, a bunch of Buddha statues, plants, coffee machine, plates, silverware, napkins, bed, stuffed animal a.k.a. ratchet, little brother and sister, clay sculpture of my head, brushes, acrylic paints, colored pencils, charcoal, pastels, oil pastels, paper, very bad graphite pencils, fireplace, African sculptures, dogs, cats, dead lizard that my cat brought in from outside, three remaining living chickens, newborn baby chicks, in process garden making, my laptop, my iPad , My phone, my moms car, the outside world, red rocks, the trees, dead bushes, somewhat surviving flower garden, giant crystal, random objects around my house and do not know the name to, a dying plant, cups, cups, glass cups, bowls , weird medallion hanging on my wall, family tree photograph, cabinet, big picture of three liens on the wall made by a local artist, sink, Evil plant that looks like it has a face drawn on it and keep staring at me wherever I go, my grandfather’s ashes, and last but not least my bed.

Plant Up High

I think this one’s my favorite, its entire composure is just satisfying to me and I like the lines and how messy they are. This is made of charcoal and it is a pie in my kitchen.

Fire Place

I got board and scratched out my fire place. The, fire place it’s self is being repaired so I had to Improvise.

Cat Condo

I have two cats and this is their candy. They knit ice that I was drawing it and bailed so they are not in the finale piece.

Buddha #3

This is the third Buddha sculpture my mother has. But there was an accident and someone bashed its head in and now it just sits in our garden. I decided to use pastels on this but realized that it was running low so this is probably the last Picture that’ll make with color, need to save it for something else no art stores are open here.

Potted Plant

This is one of my mothers plants, I decided to try to practice shading but I’m afraid I rushed it a bit and it looks sloppy now that I look at it. I know I’m better at this but for some reason I’m struggling with drawing this semester.