Daily Practice #1

For my daily practice I have chosen to braid my hair. I usually braid my hair before I go to sleep so that it is curly in the morning but I would like to practice wear braids during the day also.

I started my daily practice on a Wednesday and have discovered that I should buy a hair brush because my hair is very tangled and annoying to separate.

Pocket Collecting

For class today I was told to go onto Main Street and ask a random stranger what they have in their pocket, what is the story behind that object and can I have it.

So I walked into this salon and asked the hair stylist there what she had in her pocket. She laughed and said that she didn’t have anything in her pocket but she did have an old banana in her purse that has been in there for four days. I was kinda desperate at this point, considering that there is no one on Main St at 8:30 am in the morning and everyone that I had already ask didn’t have anything, so I took the banana, the story behind the banana is that it suffered for four days in this woman’s purse without being put out of it’s misery by means of eating.