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Research your favorite article of clothing

I don’t really have a favorite article of clothing, so I decided to do something general like the history of the bra.

In the beginning Women wrap their breasts with silk or other cloth wrapped around their upper body several times. Depending on what culture you look at they did it differently but this was how it was done for thousand of years.

No one really knows when the corset was invented, but it was introduced in France in 1533 and was the next step forward and was the fashion until the 19th century were the bra came into play and it was remade and officially given the name push up bra and then going through many design changes after that to the bra we see today.


Build a fort or shelter that would impress your childhood self

Ironically I was just helping out my little sister building a fort outside. It’s not much but we’re planning to put a roof on it too and it’s still a work in progress this is what we’ve got so far, the walls are comprised of the brushes around us. We’ve already put chairs in and “flooring” And a bean bag chair.

Can you wear every piece of clothing you own all at one time?

Yes I can and it was horrible. I was able to put on five layers of pants and shorts, about 20 pairs of shirts, all of my underwear on top of my head and then my hat.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get a better picture, I wish I could’ve done something different with the background have a blank at least, but all walls in my house are in different colors and have pictures and holes all over them.

Using Your Window as a Blank Canvas, Create Shapes and Symbols that Interact with the Outside World

I got a good picture of the reflection of the trees within my window. I tried other techniques but they didn’t work out, the atmosphere outside doesn’t really create a good picture frame for a window and it was hard to get a picture without my camera in the reflection.

This is also a picture where my sister and her friend photo bombed my picture and they kind of look like ghosts.

Conceptualize, Design and Document Your Pandemic

I feel like I could of done better but things are limited in my household. So I’m wearing a pair of goggles, my moms scarfs, my head phones, my brothers ski gloves (wish I had plastic yellow cleaning glove would have been more convincing) and my mothers cleaning supplies in each hand. My brother took the picture, I tried to get a better picture but he refused.

Interview Someone You Haven’t Talk to in a While

I had a zoom meeting with my senior class from high school I haven’t seen then since we graduated.

The high school I went to was a boarding high school and was comprised from All over the USA like New Hampshire, Vermont, New York and even from China, but due to time differences not everyone could attend the zoom meeting but it was good to see some old friends.

Some of them are going a little crazy being stuck in quarantine, others have been composing music to pass the time and doing art work. My friend Austin is in New York doing an apprenticeship at a dairy farm and is still there, everyone one else is stuck inside.

It was hard to get around to everyone but they seemed to be doing fine and they were all jealous that I had all the sun light being in Arizona.

The meeting was unfortunately cut short due to bad connection on my end but it was good to talk to everyone again.


I asked my sister to do a backflip for me so that I can draw it. I think took About 35 pictures of her doing a backflip. Theses are some of the examples below.

At the beginning of the animation it’s darker, that’s because I added shadow for the first four frames and didn’t do it for the rest. I wanted to get mostly the outline of the movement I was planning to add shadowing later but that ended not being a case, because drawing 30 pictures is very exhausting and I did not realize how much detail went into each frame to make sure that everything looks great. I really respect animators now they really pay attention to detail and all the movies and TV shows that they make.